Conference Room

The most serious room in any office is the conference room. The space is used for important meetings, phone calls that involve numerous employees, and demonstrations. They are private rooms that may not even have windows. Decorating a conference room is seldom easy. Most of them are more or less the same. Fine-art prints and posters can be used to make the room look special and distinct.

We offer a wide range of wall art and décor that is suitable for highly-professional environments, like conference rooms. Our fine art prints feature city skylines, sculpture and statues, industrial architecture, and bridges and buildings. World maps and antique maps are also quite popular for corporate conference rooms.

One fine art print that is often found in conference rooms across the nation is Lunchtime atop a Skyscraper by Charles C. Ebbets. It reminds us of the daring and industry that was needed to build all our great cities. Another perennial favorite is Street View of La Tour Eiffel by Clay Davidson, which is another stunning black and white photograph. Both are museum quality fine-art prints that can be framed and proudly displayed in any conference room or serious space.